Frequently Asked Questions

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We are looking for dealers/distributors/installers such as yourself. We would love to have you on board. For wholesale/distributor pricing structure please fill out our form and provide us detailed information about your company/personal background as well as your contact info including name, phone and email address.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Yes! We are in the process of making videos and adding them to our website instructions page. Click here

Yes, we ship our products worldwide except for Indonesia and other areas in the Southeast of Asia.
 If you are having issues with "shipping options not available for your area" please be sure that you are not placing an apartment #, suite #, and/or any other number that is other than the Street #. Those numbers mentioned are to be placed on the second line under the street address.
If you are still having troubles please email us at and provide us your mailing address.
We are not claiming we are better than them. But there are a few major differences. The biggest difference is curing time.
Ours is by far the quickest.
Ours has the same effect with a higher contact angle making it super hydrophobic.
What we are doing is bringing ceramic coatings more main stream so that almost anyone can use it. We made the application simple, still careful, but easy enough that anyone can apply it. All of our competitors have so much red tape around anyone purchasing it. You have to be a professional or trained and authorized to use their products. Either that or the people who use the products are for higher end vehicles. We want to bring it main stream. Our curing is instant. It is tack free within minutes. It becomes fully cured in 48 hours but the vehicle can be driven immediately after applied and buffed. So no more waiting hours or days until the process is done.
One 30ML bottle will do a full car. If you have a big truck with a lot more surface area we would recommend the 50ML bottle. If you have any left over you can apply a second coat on front bumper and front fenders for added protection.

There are two different types of paint (body) protection. 9H-LDC and 9H-LDC PRO. The only difference is the PRO has a denser concentration of molecules in it to bond to the paint. Making it super hard and last longer. "Lifetime" the regular LDC is just a less dense version of the PRO and last 5 years. A 30 ML bottle will do a whole car. Very easy application and requires no more than 10 minutes drying time and it's tack free and the vehicle can be driven right away.