Always Dry, LLC. is in the business of delivering the best, most efficient, longest lasting coating technology on the market. Our mission is to bring our world class technology to all automotive dealers and everyday drivers.Through our honest business practices and actions, we will remind those we encounter that principles, relationships and customer service are not to be lost in the profit bottom line. 

We realize that the automotive and detailing industry is still utilizing outdated, time-consuming, limited technology that is very costly and produces short-term results that do not protect the original quality of a paint finish. We want to change the way vehicle reconditioning, detailing and paint protection are done.

9H-LDC Pro

Ultimate In Ceramic Technology

It is composed of high grade Quartz silica (ultra hard glass). Its nano ceramic particles form a permanent bond with the clear coat and become a functional part of the vehicle’s body. Unlike most regular 9H coatings that are one dimensional, 9H-LDC pro is dual-composite structure that consists of two layers, ultra-hard 9H bottom layer and super slick top layer. Due to its unique structure it delivers two most desirable effects, extreme hardness and extreme beading, in a single ceramic coat.9H-LDC pro offer true 9H hardness with just single coat. Due to its hardness, protective layer created by 9H-LDC PRO is extremely scratch resistant and creates an impenetrable barrier against elements.